TeO2 for Polarizing Optics



Polarizing optic is based on birefringence crystal properties and typical materials are Calcite (VIS-NIR) and Rutil (NIR)  we'd like to offer Polarizing optics based on high stable quality TeO2 material. This new for Polarizing optic material can substitute both standard materials and can be successfully used for VIS – MIR.

TeO2 material for the following Glan prism types:

TeO2 material for the following Wollaston prism types:

TeO2 material for the following Beam Displacers & Polarizers
(separation distance of the output beam is given for 633nm)

TeO2 material for the Conoscopic plates

TeO2 plates have:

High birefringence index;

Wide range of uses from 0.35 to 5 um;

Outer beams are parallel to each other at a specified distance;

Minimum absorption over the whole range of use;

Aperture diameter up to 40mm


Therefore they can be widely used for:

Conoscopic holography

3D scanning system

Savart interferometers etc.